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Utilizing Maps

Pretia provides features to make developers easier to understand and use the maps of the environment they scanned.

Map Visualization

Visualizing the 3D point maps will be helpful for the developments. With this feature, developers will easily understand and use the environment they scanned better. The Map Visualization on DevConsole and Map Visualization on the Unity Editor will make the development a lot easier.

Map Sharing

The mapping process costs time, and it would be great if people have a map already and can share it with others. Therefore, as long as people in the same development team are able to share all the maps directly. See Map Sharing for more information.

To create fancy AR applications, developers import the maps to the applications and design the game play-zones deliberately, then build fancy virtual content to interact with the real world. See Application Management for more information.

Multiple Maps

Pretia supports multiple maps to provide robust relocalization and a simpler development process. It will help in two scenarios: multiple maps at the same location; multiple maps in an application.

At the Same Location

Since the maps could be created from a different time of day, using all of the maps at the same location to provide robust relocalization. Pretia introduces the Map Merging feature that will make developers work on a single map and still have the benefit of multiple maps.

In an Application

Having multiple maps in an application makes the development process easier. Developers can import all maps then choose the correct one based on GPS information. With the support of multiple maps in a single app, processes such as linking several maps in the app, updating maps from time to time after scanning a new map, ...etc, we introduce the Map Selection feature to deal with the tedious process.