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Step by Step Guideline


Register for a Developer Console Account

In order to use Pretia AR Cloud, you will need to have a registered account in our Developer Console. Everyone is able to register from

Login to the Developer Console

You can access the Developer Console from After you login for the first time, you will be prompted to enter the team name. You can invite other members of your team to the team to collaborate and share scanned maps.

Create an Application in Developer Console

Many features of Pretia AR Cloud uses an App Key to identify your application, so in order to start developing your app you will need to create an application from Developer Console. You can create a new application in Developer Console by pressing the Create a new application button and entering the app name. Once created, you will be able to see the App Key, assign maps that the app will use, and change its maximum player count for multiplayer.

If you are planning to use map-based relocalization feature, you will need to assign at least one map to your app. In order to assign a map, you will need to create one with the 3D Scanner App. If you want to start with image-based relocalization, you can skip to Import Pretia SDK

Prepare a Map

Download 3D Scanner App

You can download the 3D Scanner App by selecting Download in the Developer Console sidebar. It will take you to a page that has the download link for 3D Scanner App. Install it to your device.

Create a Map

Open 3D Scanner App in your device and login with your Developer Console credentials. Press the Scan a new 3D map button and follow the steps to create a new map. For more information regarding creating a map, please refer to this guide on how to create a map.

Bind Map to your App

Once you have scanned a map, you can bind it to an application either by using the 3D Scanner App or the Developer Console.

Note: it is necessary to bind your maps to an application for some of our features e.g., Map Selection, Map Visualization, Content Authoring.

Pretia SDK Quick Start

Import Pretia SDK

Pretia SDK is a upm-based Unity package stored in In order to import it, you will need to add the following to the scopedRegistries section in the manifest file (Packages/manifest.json):

"name": "Pretia Technologies",
"url": "",
"scopes": ["com.pretia"]

And you will also need to add com.pretia.sdk to the dependency:

"com.pretia.sdk": "0.8.0"

This is how your manifest file should look like after the changes:

"dependencies": {
"com.pretia.sdk": "0.8.0",
"scopedRegistries": [
"name": "Pretia Technologies",
"url": "",
"scopes": [ "com.pretia" ]

Save the file and open your Unity project. It should import Pretia SDK together with all of its dependencies.

Setup Pretia SDK

Once the import is finished, you will need to set your App Key from Developer Console to your Unity project.

  1. Select Pretia > Sdk Setup in the menu bar

  1. Input your App Key which can be found in Developer Console

  1. Input your Api Key which can be found in Developer Console

  1. Press Validate to authenticate your account. This step will be useful for when you want to download and visualize maps.

Congratulations on setting up your environments! After reaching this point, we recommend going through our sample projects to get a better understanding of how to use the SDK. Please refer to this guide on how to import sample projects.