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Map Visualization

To let developers easily understand and use the environment they scanned better, we introduce the map visualization feature.

Visualization on the Unity Editor

If the developer has already created some maps from the 3D Scanner App, those maps will be available to be imported from this menu.

This is a preview of the Map Download window.

After pressing one of the Import map buttons, the Editor will create a folder hierarchy under Assets > Pretia > MapGroups. This folder will contain all the maps that have been imported. After the import is finished, it will create a prefab automatically inside the MapGroups folder. This prefab will contain some meshes that will represent the detected planes of the scanned area, and also anchors if there are any.

This is a preview of the imported map.

Map Anchors

A map anchor is a visual guide that helps developers place 3D content on a map. A map anchor is only created at mapping phases, that is when using the 3D scanner.

What’s different from Shared Anchors

Shared AnchorsMap Anchors
Numberonly one per mapcould be multiple per map
Anchor Positiondevelopers cannot decide the positiondevelopers decide the position