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Acquiring extra seats

As your team grows in size you might need to extend the amount of seats in it.


  1. While logged on Developer Console find the left sidebar and click on Settings
  2. Find Users options and click on Users list option. You will be able to see the amount of available seats in this screen.
  3. Once you invited enough members to exhaust the maximum amount of available seats you will be prompted with the option to acquire a new one if you prefer. Note that the price of the seat is calculated based on the amount of days left in the month.
  4. If you decide to acquire a new seat just press the Checkout button and this will lead you to the checkout page.
  5. Once in the Checkout page you can decide if you want confirm or cancel the order.
  6. Once the order is confirmed your maximum amount of seats will be extended by 1 and you will be able to invite a new member.