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What is API Key Management?

Api key management is a place to manage the API key which will be use inside the Unity SDK. The API key management page is now accessible from the sidebar.

Who can access to the keys?

Only administrator is accessible to the API key page. For now, administrator is taking a responsibility on distribute the key to the member they are trusted

Generating a new API key.

To generate a new API key, its simple. By clicking on the green button on the right of screen. The system will generate a new API for your team. Once the key is generated, it will be list under the table below.

Revoking the key

To remove the key, there is a menu button on the right of the row, click on the will show a revoke menu. Once click on the revoke menu, the confirmation modal will be showing on the screen. By clicking the delete button, the key will be revoked. This account cannot undone.