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AR Recording

Create an AR Recording

We can create a recording of an AR session containing the camera images and poses to be played back from Unity Editor.

You can use this feature by selecting Content Authoring and Recording button in the main menu.

  1. Choose the map group of the map you are interested in.
  2. Choose the map you want to relocalize.
  3. AR session will start, and scan the area to relocalize.
  4. If you relocalize successfully, it will change the status text to FOUND and will show you the Content Authoring and AR Recording options.
  5. Select the AR Recording option and press the record red button to start recording.

The maximum recording time is 30 seconds, after that time the recording will stop and be saved.

Watch Recordings from 3D Scanner

From the 3D Scanner you can watch the recordings and delete them. To watch a record select Records option from the main menu and select one of your previous recordings. You can also access to the list of records from the recording screen by pressing the thumbnail button in the bottom right corner. To delete a recording, select a record from the list and, after the viewer is displayed, press the delete button.

Share Recordings to Pretia SDK

It is easy to share the recording with the Unity Editor. First make sure that your device is connected to the same local network as the computer with Unity Editor. Then from the recording gallery menu, press the Unity Share icon and a window will show you the IP and Port of the device within its local network. Use this information to access your recordings from Unity Editor. Refer to AR Playback for following steps. Close the window when you finished the file transfer.