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Importing Sample Projects

In order to get you get started quickly in using our platform, we have three samples that you can quickly import and explore.

  1. Open Package Manager window by selecting Window > Package Manager from the menu bar.

  2. Select Packages: In Project from the top left dropdown of the Package Manager window.

  1. Click the Import button from any of the samples available to import them.

If you find any missing or broken references in the sample scene, please kindly remove the whole Samples directory and try re-importing it.

Once Unity have finished the importing process, you will be able to find the sample files under Samples > Pretia SDK > {version} > {sample name}. Open the scene file under the sample's folder to start exploring it.

We have tutorials that explain what each samples do, and how they are setup:

  1. Map-based Relocalization Sample

  2. Image-based Relocalization Sample

  3. Multiplayer Sample